We’re home

We’ve made it home, just been going through the pile of mail and loading up the washing machine.

The flight back from San Francisco was great – BA have finally upgraded their long haul flights to full video-on-demand. I was spoilt for choice and didn’t get any sleep as there was too much stuff to watch! Open-mouthed We flew into Heathrow Terminal 5 and it was fine, no problems whatsoever. It’s quite impressive although you seemed to have to keep going up and down escalators, almost like they couldn’t decide which levels to put things on. We had to go down a few storeys to get to the transit train that took us from the arrival gate, then up a few storeys to passport control, then down again for baggage reclaim – I felt like a yo-yo bouncing up and down!

So now we are both really tired, but I’m determined not to go to bed until 10 or 11 tonight to try and "reset" my body clock and minimise the jet lag.

We’ve both got tomorrow off so will probably get up late, but I have a whole stack of jobs to do such as sort out the insurance on the beemer, mow the grass (if it’s dry), get all the pics off my camera, sort out a fancy dress outfit for the GTOUK AGM at the weekend, wash the GTO, more washing and ironing, yadda yadda yah, you get the picture!

Back to work on Wednesday – boooo! Sad

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