Biking the bridge and bumping into Billy Connolly

We had a fab day yesterday. The temperature jumped about 10 degrees and it was baking. It caught me unaware’s as I went out in my jeans expecting it to be a little chilly when really I should have been in shorts. We jumped on the cable car that took us up to Fisherman’s Wharf and then hired a couple of bikes and did something else I’ve always wanted to do – cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge! We cycled to a place called Sausalito for lunch (it’s opposite the city over the bridge) then caught the ferry back.
DSC_2876 DSC_2878 DSC_2879 DSC_2883 DSC_2887 DSC_2890 DSC_2894 DSC_2897 DSC_2898 DSC_2903
Here’s a video I took on my phone while cycling across the bridge…
When we got back we were going to have a shower, get changed and go for dinner when Lenny spotted a small ad in the local paper saying that Billy Connolly was performing the last 3 nights of a stint in San Francisco. We had no idea, and furthermore the theatre he was at was only 4 doors up the street from our hotel. As it was 7.40 already and he started at 8, we basically rushed out of the hotel and up to the theatre to see if they had any tickets left, but all they had were "limited view" seats. While I was at the box office, a fellow Brit came up to us and offered us two spare tickets he had down in the stalls, so we did a deal and found ourselves slap bang in the middle only 6 rows from the stage! We couldn’t believe our luck – and he was hilarious! I had tears running down my cheeks, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages.
Lenny’s a big BC fan and has seen him several times before but this was the first time I’ve seen him live. We still can’t believe he was playing only 4 doors up the street and we didn’t know (there was a sodding great poster outside that we hadn’t spotted as we hadn’t walked up that way) so we were very lucky as I’d tried to get tickets to see him in the UK and couldn’t manage it. All in all, it rounded off a great day!
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