Bungy Jump in Queenstown

I’ve just come back from doing a bungy jump! There’s several options here but as this was my first time I thought it only right to go for the highest one they have! They took us out to a canyon over the Nevis River and made us jump out of a gondola suspended by cables across the canyon. I didn’t even have the luxury of watching anyone else jump first as they made me go first (probably because I was the heaviest)! Lenny didn’t want to come and watch me jump to my death, so I was on my own.
Scary is not the word, but it all happened so quick it’s all a bit of a blur! I’ve got a video of my jump which you can see below… I’m definitely going on a diet when I get back! Embarrassed
I wish the camera operator hadn’t changed view just before I jumped – I wanted to see the sheer look of terror on my face as I leapt! Surprised
Here’s some pics of other people jumping…
DSC_2692 DSC_2693 DSC_2694 DSC_2699 DSC_2701
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