Wanaka to Mount Cook

This morning we got up even earlier and headed for Mount Cook, leaving Wanaka at around 8.50am (click here for route). We wanted to get down to Queenstown for the evening, so had to leave Mount Cook around 3pm. This gave us just enough time to do some walks to see views of Mount Cook, Mount Sefton and the Tasman Valley and Glacier.
Luckily the weather held up and we had a glorious day of sunshine and relatively few clouds…
DSC_2654 DSC_2661 DSC_2669
The Tasman Glacier is massive and at first you think you can just see it in the distance. But then you see huge rock covered lumps of ice in the lake below and you realise that the ugly grey sheet of rock in front of you is in fact the leading edge of the glacier. It’s just that it can be several or more years old and so is covered in rocks from landfalls etc…
DSC_2673 DSC_2674
On the way to Queenstown we passed Lake Pukaki (in fact we passed it on the way up but didn’t have time to stop). This time we had to stop as it’s just such an amazing colour (it was formed thousands of years ago by melting glaciers)…
We headed for Queenstown (click here for route) and arrived this evening around 6.30pm.
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