Christchurch to Fox Glacier

Christchurch is REALLY quiet! We spent a couple hours in an internet cafe and then had to get something to eat before getting my beer, but everything was shut already. So it was 10pm and after walking all around the town trying to find the City Chippy (we eventually found it but it shut at 6pm for God’s sake!) we ended up in Burger King (again! – Sheesh, no wonder my gut feels so big!). The whole place was really quiet, hardly any cars on the roads and nothing open. We found a single pub called "The Bard on Avon" (the river running through Christchurch is called the River Avon) which was marketing itself as a "traditional English pub". Great, come halfway round the world and still can’t get away from home! Sarcastic
Anyway we settled down with our drinks only to be told it was last orders, and got kicked out at 11! I was glad we were only spending one night there as it was too quiet for me.
Thursday 3rd April we left Christchurch in the morning and sped towards Fox Glacier via Arthur’s Pass in the mountains (click here for route).
DSC_2610 DSC_2611
The scenery is stunning, I got a bit snap happy so have loads of pics! Open-mouthed We stopped off at Franz Josef glacier for a quick look but had read that Fox Glacier was more accessible. We got our photo taken at Franz before moving on…
When we got to Fox Glacier village we booked in for a glacier walk the next day and bedded down for the night.
The next day they were forecasting rain but it stayed dry for most of our trek out onto the glacier, only starting to pour down while we were on the walk back. I was amazed at how blue the ice was. Anyone from work reading this might spot the rain jacket, hopefully I get some brownie points for corporate sponsorship! Wink By the way Caroline, it leaks, so I got pretty wet! Sad
DSC_2627 DSC_2633 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898
After trekking around the glacier for an hour we headed south to Wanaka (click here for route). This was going to be our next stop so that we could head off to Mount Cook the next morning. As the weather closed in it absolutely chucked it down and the west coast looked pretty spectacular with the rough weather causing quite a swell in the ocean.
DSC_2640 DSC_2644
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