Bundaberg to Brisbane (and Kangaroo’s)

Yesterday we drove 360km from Bundaberg to Brisbane (click here for route map). It took us about 5 hours as we had to stop off for fuel, snacks, oh and to see a giant plastic pineapple (I kid you not!).
We’re staying at a city central hostel (Tinbilly’s) which is really nice!
Today we went to the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary where we fed the kangaroo’s and cuddled a koala. I think Lenny would have happily stayed there all day, she loved it (I must admit I did quite enjoy feeding the roos and even fed a joey while it was still in it’s mum’s pouch). I couldn’t believe how tame and friendly they all were. So far the weather’s been pretty crap, lots of showers today, but at least it’s warm (my work colleagues might recognise the rain jacket! ). I hear the weather’s awful in England, I hope I still have a roof on my house!
They also has Lorikeets there, which are incredibly colourful and put on a great dive-bombing display when the food came out…
On the way back we stopped at Mount something-or-other to check out the views over Brisbane.
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