Visiting the Whitsundays

Thursday we had our trip out to the Whitsunday Islands aboard "ReefJet" (click here for location). As we were only on a day trip I thought it would be a good idea to get on the fastest boat there so that we had more time to visit the islands. This baby is powered by jet engines and can reverse right onto the beach as there’s no prop to dig into the sand.
We started off with a visit to Luncheon Bay where most of the people went snorkelling, however they were also offering introductory and certified dives, so I took the opportunity to do yet another dive! As I’m not certified, I had to go through the regulator removal/replacement and mask clearance routines again, but had no problem getting through those. The dive itself was just brilliant. I swam through a whole shoal of tiger fish and found a coral wall that I swam along. Sadly it was all over too soon, but the dive master reckoned I dived better than one of the certified guys who dived with us. So maybe I’ve got a natural talent for this?  I must admit I do enjoy it.
Next we stopped at Tongue Bay where we walked up to the lookout that gives a stunning view over Hill’s Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy so I couldn’t get the postcard picture that everyone’s seen with the sun out. But it was still pretty spectacular all the same.
Finally we visited Whitehaven Beach itself which is covered in white sand that’s as fine as flour. Just gorgeous, it’s just a shame there was no sun.
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