Airlie beach to Bundaberg

Yesterday we left Airlie Beach to start the trip down to Bundaberg (click here for route map).
I managed to find a break in the rain where the sun came out briefly and took some snaps of the beach, lagoon and the manatee statues…
We decided to head for Bundaberg because they have a beach there where turtles are often seen laying their eggs and also the hatchlings are seen breaking out and heading for the sea. It’s a very long drive, 770km in all, and we reckoned on it taking about 10 hours. In the end that was pretty much spot on with us leaving at 9.30am and arriving at 7.30pm. We stopped off in Mackay and Rockhampton where we crossed the Tropic of Capricorn. As we travelled across the equator on our honeymoon in Kenya a couple of years ago, all we need to do now is cross the Tropic of Cancer and we will have crossed all three latitudes!
We are staying at the Cellblock Backpackers in Bundaberg which was formerly a prison! Our room is actually an old cell with a proper cell door and everything.
Some pics of central Bundaberg…
The weather is beautiful so we are probably going to go and find this beach now and then hang around in the evenig to see if we can catch the baby turtles heading for the sea.
Next stop Brisbane!
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