Mission Beach to Airlie Beach

We left Mission Beach at around 11am this morning and drove down to Airlie Beach stopping in Townsville for a break along the way (click here for route map). Townsville was really nice although pretty quiet at this time of day/year.
I think we are definitely travelling outside the peak season as everywhere seems pretty quiet. It’s still rainy season in Queensland but we didn’t want to leave it any later in the year else it would be too cold in Sydney and new Zealand.
We got to Airlie Beach at just after 6pm so it was a fair old drive. We must have covered about 500km. The drive is not particularly interesting, the roads are a bit variable, mainly single carriageway, some in good condition, others have a few potholes.
We haven’t actually been to the beach yet as we are staying near the marina. We’ve booked a day trip out to the Whitsunday’s tomorrow, so when we get back (around 4-5pm) we are staying here a second night so will check the beach and nightlife out tomorrow. We are going to Whitehaven Beach, Luncheon Bay and Tongue Bay for a walk up to the lookout over Hill’s Inlet and Whitehaven Beach! So it will be a mixture of sunbathing and snorkeling (they do optional dives too so might check that out!).
Friday morning is the start of another long drive as we head South towards either Rockhampton, Bundaberg or Fraser Island. We’re not sure where we are going to stop yet but if we can get up and leave really early we should be able to cover a big chunk.
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