Gordonvale to Mission Beach

Yesterday we left my cousin’s house in Gordonvale to start the drive down the Bruce Highway to Mission Beach (click here for route map).
It’s not actually that far, only about 130km or so. We took a bit of diversion and popped into Josephine Falls as it was on the way, but I think we’ve done enough waterfalls now! 🙂
Our plan was to spend the night at Mission Beach, so we arrived there yesterday around 4pm after stopping at Paronella Park for a light lunch. The people there were very friendly but very insistent that we pay the entrance fee to enter the park (we didn’t) when all we wanted was a bite to eat. They kept insisting that it was a fantastic place, but we really didn’t have a couple of hours to spare else it would have been dark when we got to Mission Beach. I actually found it a little annoying as we got accosted by someone on the way into the cafe, and then again when we left. It was bordering on creepy actually.
Anyway we eventually got to Mission Beach and after checking into the hostel we went for a walk along the beach. It is absolutely beautiful! It’s incredibly long, the water is warm and shallow and you can walk into the sea and still just feel sand under your feet rather than rocks, seaweed and general ditritus. I went for a swim but the only thing spoiling it were the rather large breakers – they were pretty big, but it was a new moon yesterday so it may have just been the tide.
As we were on the beach we got befriended by a border collie. She had a collar so we don’t think she was a stray but she found a stick and presented it to me, so I threw it a couple of times until she got bored. Then when I went into the sea for a dip she just sat there and watched me and when I came out she sat next to me while I dried off and started reading a book. It was all very strange but we both enjoyed having a dog for a while! We wondered off the beach eventually and she found someone else to play with.
The thing I was surprised about was that the beach was practically deserted and there’s not a lot to do. No surfboard or dinghy hire, no jetski’s, no parasailing, nothing. Maybe it’s the wrong time of year, but there are hardly any bars either. We stayed at a place called Scotty’s which is one of the backpacker hangout’s but it was deserted. We didn’t really mind as it was very peaceful, but I couldn’t stay there for two nights – I’d die of boredom!
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