Diving on the Great Barrier reef

Today I managed to complete a lifelong ambition, and that was to dive on the Great Barrier Reef. I did two dives and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was so happy I did it as I’ve had a cold over the last few days (picked up from Singapore) and I was worried my various tubes wouldn’t be clear enough for me to equalise as I dived. Luckily the "snotty" stage passed on Saturday and I was able to equalise today with no problems – in fact it went even smoother than my previous two dives. This was a big relief for me as this was my last chance to dive from Cairns today as it’s our last day with my cousin and her family as we head off to Mission Beach tomorrow.
I had an unsettling experience about 7/8 years ago on my last dive in Tobago, I just didn’t feel comfortable and felt panicky as my regulator filled with saliva and I was unable to get a decent breath of air without a load of spit coming back into my mouth. This put me off diving ever since, which was pretty sad considering we went to Egypt in 2006 and I could have dived in the Red Sea. So I was really chuffed that I overcame my fears and the dive went really smoothly with no problems – I had a nice dry mouth so there was no spit to breathe in. A small amount of vomit came up into my regulator as a result of a bit of queeziness from the rough boat ride (it was VERY choppy today and all the Japanese tourists were sick) but it still didn’t cause me a problem, I just carried on as normal.

The dives were amazing and I hired an underwater camera and managed to take some great shots which you will see in a new album I’ve created (should be on the right as you read this). Everyone went mad for the clown fish as they are featured in "Finding Nemo" and are thus very popular to hunt out and photo.
I enjoyed the dives so much that I think if I ever wanted a career change it may be as an underwater photographer!
I took a couple of underwater videos too, see below…
Footnote: We dived with Tusa Dive (http://www.tusadive.com/daydive.htm). I highly recommend these guys, the boat is pristine, brand new, great facilities and all the staff are very professional and will do their utmost to ensure your comfort. I was very impressed. Thanks guys!
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