Visiting Port Douglas and Mossman Gorge

We started a bit late today, I am over the jet lag now so sleeping normally again (including struggling to get up in the mornings!).
So we headed off around 11.30am and drove up to Port Douglas. What a fantastic drive that is! (click here for route map) The road hugs and winds around the coast providing spectacular views of the northern beaches. We stopped off at Rex Lookout for a photo op eventually arriving in Port Douglas for lunch.
After lunch we just went for a walkaround the town and walked up to a lookout that overlooked 4-mile beach. The beach itself was closed due to the winds and jelly-fish (the weather was a bit overcast today anyway so the beach was deserted).
After Port Douglas we headed up to Mossman Gorge where we saw people diving into the rapids. I’d loved to have done the same but just don’t have the guts! I always was a sissy when it came to water!
We got back into Cairns in the early evening and booked our dive trip for tomorrow. I’ve had a cold for the past week but it’s pretty much gone now so fingers crossed I should be okay. I’ve also hired a waterproof digital camera so I’m hoping to take some good photo’s!
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