Update from Cairns – Waterfalls and bowling

Yesterday we went for a long drive from Gordonvale up the winding Gillies Highway. This would have been a great drive in my GTO but the hire car I’ve got really wallows in the corners, so I ended up having to take it really easy else the tyres would squeal (that happened a few times!). I even had the locals coming up behind me flashing their lights wanting to get past.
We turned off onto highway 25 and made our way down to the waterfall loop where we visited Millaa Millaa, Zillie and Ellinjaa falls (click here for route map). Millaa Millaa was the best I reckon with a huge torrent falling vertically over a cliff edge.
After joining the Palmerston Highway we stopped at Crawfords Lookout and began the walk down to Tchupala, Wallicher and Nandroyer falls, but the sign at the start of the trail warning about "stinging trees" (seriously) scared us. After about 25 mins of walking, the trail was just too overgrown and the plant leaves looked too much like the ones described in the warning (heart-shaped leaves with hairs), so we turned around and headed back.
In the evening we took everyone out bowling as a treat for the kids and a chance for us all to spend some time together. I still can’t tell the twins apart but Joe was wearing a brown T-shirt, so he was Joe Brown for the night. I’ve been a bit stumped today though because he obviously isn’t wearing the same T-shirt! Doh!
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