Nerd’s Paradise @ Sim Lim Square, Singapore

Right now I am sitting in an internet cafe in Sim Lim Square – this is one of my favourite places in Singapore as it appeals to my nerdish tendencies. I bought my PSP out here a couple of years ago – it’s basically 5 floors crammed full of shops selling computers, accessories and various other techy gadgets – hmmmm, paradise! 🙂
Anyway, we’ve had a busy couple of days. Tonight we fly out to Cairns and I can say that I will be glad to leave Little India. Although the hotel and the area are fine, there is an Indian Karaoke Club right next door that makes an awful racket until 3am every morning (imagine blokes wailing Indian pop songs at the top of their voices). We’ve both been suffering from severe jet lag meaning we’ve not slept properly for 3 nights now, and I was so tired last night I just wanted to sleep, but found it impossible with the racket from next door. I managed to grab a couple of hours but I don’t think poor Lenny got a wink last night.
On Monday we took the cable car over over to Sentosa, which mostly resembles a massive building site! We did Underwater World, the Cine-Max thing and saw the pink dolphin’s in Dolphin Lagoon. Siloso Beach is okay but with the overcast skies and the view over the Singapore Straits of Indonesia’s industrial smoke stacks, it’s not a very appealing holiday resort (not to me anyway).
In the evening we met up with Raja in Brewerkz down by Clarke Quay (SG$18 for a pint – Eeeek! That’s about 7 or 8 quid!). I know Raja from the work I did for Standard Chartered a few years ago and he’s a good friend who I’ve managed to keep in touch with. We went to an Indian restaurant where Vince joined us, who was looking very trendy with his new hair-do! It was great to see them both as I’ve not seen either for a couple of years now.
Yesterday we went for a long walk along Orchard Road, stopping at Raffles Hotel in the Long Bar for a Singapore Sling. The Lonely Planet guidebook says they taste like cough medicine, but I thought it was quite nice actually!
Then we popped into the SwissHotel and zoomed up 70 floors for a drink in the New Asia bar at the top with stunning views over Singapore.
Finally we finished off the evening with the night safari where we saw rhinos, elephants, leopards, a tiger and loads of other animals. It was pretty cool although I couldn’t help feeling the animals were all a bit cooped up just so that they would be close to the road so we could see them. The tiger was showing worrying signs of boredom as we saw it pace around it’s enclosure following the same path each time – very disturbing.
So that’s about it for Singapore, we fly out to Cairns tonight and should be with my cousin and her family tomorrow, then our Australian adventure begins! 🙂
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