London Eye and Star Wars Exhibition

Well not been up to much this weekend, I’ve got a bit of a cold right now so haven’t felt like doing much. I fixed the outside light so at least we can see what we’re doing when trying to get into the house.
Yesterday I watched "28 Days Later" which I’d downloaded ages ago and only got around to watching yesterday – my God, it’s pretty grim and quite scary, I think the bit that got me squirming was when Robert Llewelyn’s character murders his wife after becoming infected with the Rage virus. Gaaahhhh!
So just to top things off yesterday we went to Basingstoke to watch "I Am Legend", which is another scary zombie man-on-his-own type film. Again pretty grim, scary and not a happy ending! But I really enjoyed it nonetheless! 🙂
Anyway, I’ve just been checking my phone and found loads of pics I took while at the Star Wars Exhibition in London last week. Yes I’m afraid I’m a Star Wars nerd too. Unfortunately it was really dark in there so a lot of the photo’s have come out a bit blurred but I’ve uploaded them into a new album anyway.
And while we were in London we met up with some people we encountered on our Peru holiday and it was great to catch up with them. We walked along the South Bank and met them in the Oxo bar, so I snapped a couple of pics of the London Eye with Big Ben in the background. Looks really nice all lit up in the evening…
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