Testing Windows Live Writer

I’ve just installed this Windows Live Writer thing – it allows me to update my blog without actually visiting my page. I just want to see if I can embed images into an article and allow the text to flow around it like a commentary. This is a little tricky to do if editing directly on the site as you have to host the images somewhere (which I had to do for my Dyson DC04 cable repair post) – if you upload the images to the blog, they appear in a separate section underneath the post which means you can’t write a flowing commentary for them.

Ok, so here is an image embedded into the post. This Windows Live Writer thing seems pretty good as it also supports various imaging options for setting the background, resizing and adding effects.

So, I got Guitar Hero 3 yesterday for my Wii and it’s the most fun I’ve had in ages!

Let’s see if the text flows around the image okay. So as my favourite band is Muse, GH3 includes "Knights of Cydonia" but I have to unlock a few more songs before I get to play it. I also need to figure out all the on-line stuff – I’ve registered an account at guitarhero.com but need to link my Wii gaming account to it, and for that I need to get the VIP code from the game. That will have to wait until tonight.

Well, that concludes my quick test of Windows Live Writer, just wanted to see how it handled embedded images really.

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