Fixing the Dyson

My DC04 is playing up again! 😦 This has to be one of the most unreliable vacuum cleaner’s I’ve had. I replaced the motor last year after it burnt out (what a nightmare it was changing that – anyone who’s taken one of these things apart will understand when I say that it should be a puzzle for "The Krypton Factor").

This time it’s intermittently cutting out and there’s an arcing sound coming from the switch, so it sounds like the cable has got a break in it at the switch. But can I get it apart, can I buggery! 🙂

So a bit of googling turned up this really good article on how to fix it…

I’ve just ordered myself the bent screwdriver and will be having a crack at this myself. I don’t like letting things like this beat me! 🙂

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One Response to Fixing the Dyson

  1. Eve says:

    Having also owned a Dyson upright, the motor was making a funny noise so I phoned the Dyson Customer Line and was asked by the girl on the other end of the phone to switch the machine on so she could hear it.  She immediately diagnosed a \’gone\’ motor and an appointment was made for the Dyson engineer to come to my home.  He was on time and set to work replacing the motor.  Whilst there, he also replaced the whole of the cable, brushes and any other easily accessible items, saying that it was all part of the service!  For £49 the whole lot was done, and not under guarantee, so maybe you should phone them, it could be quicker, cleaner and easier in the long run!!

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