War of the Worlds on stage

I went and saw the live stage version of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds last night with Chris down in Bournemouth. It was brilliant, we both really enjoyed it and if you are a fan I would definitely recommend it. It must have been sold out because I didn’t see any spare seats, and the audience mostly consisted of "older" people, which is understandable when you think it’s over 30 years since it first came out.
But it was great for me because I grew up listening to Richard Burton’s commentary and wondering what a Martian invasion would be like. It also inspired me to read H.G Well’s classic when I was at school, and I’ve never been a great reader, so anything that can get me to read a book must be good! 🙂
The highlight for me last night was the end of the 1st half, all hell broke loose, the music was REALLY loud and there was a thundering bass that made your chest rumble as the 1st half finished with a massive crescendo! Honestly the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up as it finished – they even had a martian tripod on stage zapping people in the audience with it’s heat ray. It was just brilliant and I will never forget it.
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