Lots of Nintendo Wii stock in Tenerife!

I’ve noticed that the world and his dog are trying to buy Nintendo Wii consoles for their kids this Christmas. I was in Argos today and even the couple next to me where furiously typing the stock numbers into the stock checker to see if any where in stock. Of course there weren’t, everywhere is out of stock and they are unlikely to get any decent quantity until the new year, leaving little Johnny heart-broken at Christmas (and even Nintendo DS’s are running low too, no pink ones left, and quite a few places running out of the other colours too – so get in quick!).
Well there are two places you can get a Nintendo Wii console from:
1) Ebay/Amazon marketplace – here you will be bidding against everyone else and will pay way over the odds. Also there is a chance you will get scammed.
… but the second, most reliable and cheapest place to get one from that I have found is….
2) Tenerife!
It’s true, while I was out there recently there were stack and stacks of them out there in the shops. The prices are not bad either, most of the shops in the Parque Santiago area (between Playa de las Americas and Los Christianos) were selling them for between €220 to €240. If you pay €220 that works out at about £160! Cheaper than the UK. And that’s with Wii Sports too. I actually got stopped in the street by someone when they saw I’d bought one.
Obviously you have to fly out there, but you can get cheap flights with XL Airways for £100 or so, and you get to have a bit of a holiday too.
So if you know anyone going to Tenerife, get them to buy one for you. All you’ll need is a continental power adaptor to convert 2 pins to 3 (only a couple of Euro’s).
I was going to buy half a dozen but customs are a bit funny when you come back from Tenerife because people think you can bring back as much as you want. Actually, you can’t, although it’s part of the EU, it has special status, meaning you can only bring back 200 fags and £145 worth of goods. I didn’t want to risk it.
Let me know if you got one and how much you paid!

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