Eurostar’s move to St. Pancras

I may have to go to Paris next week so am looking at taking the Eurostar. Apart from the tickets coming out at over £300 (ouch!), Eurostar has now moved from Waterloo to St. Pancras. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but this has now become a bit of a pain in the arse for me because my usual train route takes me straight into Waterloo (from Basingstoke). All the slick marketing promoted a faster route to Paris from London (was it a saving of 20 minutes they said?) but now I have to endure a 30 minute hot & smelly tube journey at the start, just to get to St. Pancras. So for me, the move to St. Pancras has actually added time onto the journey, and as I’ll be wearing a suite I’ll probably feel a lot more uncomfortable on the tube.

The one advantage Eurostar still has though, is that despite all the inconvenience of going by train and tube, I would still rather do that than fly from Heathrow.

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