England fail to qualify for Euro 2008

Got back from Norway tonight and immediately turned on the TV to watch England’s knife-edge match against Croatia. We had to draw in order to qualify for the Euro 2008 finals, but we were 1-0 down within 7 minutes when our rookie goalie (a guy called Carson I’d never heard of) let in a goal that should have been easily saved. 6 minutes later and a Croat dribbled around him and scored a second goal. Doh!

We did a great job clawing our way back  to 2-2 with a fantastic set piece from Beckham and Crouch (absolute pin-point accuracy from Beckham’s pass), but with 13 minutes to go, a Croatian sub came on and scored the final goal of the match to put them forward 3-2 and knock us out of the finals.

It was a thrilling match to watch but we played really badly, especially in the 1st half, and I’m now feeling quite deflated. I’m sure it will be the main topic of conversation at work tomorrow, and it could mean the end of Steve McClaren’s tenure as England manager. It seems that being an England fan always ultimately results in disappointment!

Full report here:

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