Dulux Twice/Thrice

We had the skirting boards fitted in the conservatory and dining room last week so I’ve been painting them this weekend with a pot of Dulux Once gloss paint I had floating around in the garage. Now I’ve come across this before, but it says on the tin "paint thickly to ensure you only need 1 coat" but this is bollocks! If you paint it on that thickly you end up with runs and dribbles everywhere and it looks awful. So I always end up having to put on a second coat. In fact, I reckon it could probably do with a third coat but sod it, it looks good enough and only I will notice the bits where it needs a third coat!
So how can they get away with calling it Dulux Once when in my experience, I have always had to apply a second coat? Dulux Twice more like.
Load of old twaddle. Grumble grumble grumble.
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