Starting to lose it!

Aaaargh! I’m still locked out of my PC. I don’t have time for this I’ve got too much other stuff to do. I’m supposed to be painting the dining room! Grrrr.
I’m able to login in "reduced functionality mode" but whenever I try and run the Windows activation wizard I get a "not enough quota" error. I even tried calling Microsoft, and got put through to what sounded like an Indian call centre. She wanted my installation id, but Vista isn’t displaying it, just a series of blank boxes. So she’s given me the direct number for Microsoft UK, but they are only open 9am-6pm, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.
Meanwhile I’ve been doing a load of searching and it seems I’m not the only one being thwarted by this. It is such a nightmare. I am currently running Vista Business and am downloading Vista Ultimate on another PC, as I’ve got a key for that too via MSDN, so I am going to see if it will let me upgrade to that. I’ve already tried using my existing DVD I downloaded back in January as I thought the Vista DVD’s had all the different versions on, but it didn’t give me any option to upgrade to Ultimate.
I still can’t understand my existing MSDN key suddenly stopped working as it’s been running fine for the last 9 months.
I am seriously tempted to ditch Vista and put XP back on but I don’t have time for that tonight, so it will have to wait.
God, if this is happening in corporates they must be going ape!
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