IPexpo tomorrow

For the next two days I will be at IPexpo at Earl’s Court 2 in London manning the n3k stand where we will be launching our new product "Porttracker". The web site is now live at www.porttracker.com and we’ll be doing demo’s and offering people the chance to win a Nintendo Wii! I’ve spent the last couple of days building a porttracker game, which involves a small electronic gadget I knocked up, the idea being to unplug a patch lead from a patch panel and find a spare port. If you pull the wrong cable out it makes a loud beeping noise, which is actually way louder than I was expecting, but the idea is to shock you into realising you’ve just unplugged the MD from the network! So the idea is to get people to our stand to play the game to demonstrate the idea behind porttracker. The guys here are very impressed with it, but as I spent all day Saturday building it, the boss has given me an extra days holiday, which is great as I’ve only got 1/2 day left until the end of the year! 😦
So as well as manning the stand for the next two days, I’ve also got to do my speech on Wednesday. I’ve had a couple of dry runs and it seems to go quite smoothly. I’m not at all nervous (yet!) but I suspect that as I have the last slot on the second day, it will be fairly poorly attended. I know for a fact that some of our existing customers will turn up just to heckle me, but at least they will be people I know! 🙂
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