Converting from/to the dark side

Well I very nearly bought myself a bass guitar at lunch time today. My local Dawson’s have some fantastic looking guitars in there and I fell in love with a Yamaha RBX374 in metallic red. Unfortunately the web site pics I have found just do not do it justice. The only reason I didn’t buy it is that I’ll need a new practice amp, and lugging that and the guitar all the way back to the office was not very appealing, so I may treat myself Thursday lunch time and drive into town so I can load it into the car.
The guy in the shop is a keen bass player and loved showing it off to me, strumming away the Pink Panther tune, but the sound it made was amazing. I had a play too but haven’t learnt any bass riffs so couldn’t do much with it. The RBX374 has active pickups so I tried a cheaper RBX170, which is passive, but by then I had already fallen in love! I only went in to have a look at the cheap 99 quid jobbies they’ve got, but when you add up the cost of the Yammy and a new amp you’re looking at 250 quid already! Amazing how it can start cheap and suddenly you end up paying nearly 3 times as much! 🙂
To be honest, I’ve always fancied having a crack at bass. I do find myself humming the bass tune to songs instead of the melody a lot of the time, so maybe I am naturally a bass man. When I told the guy in the shop I normally play a 6 string electric, he said "ahh, converting from the dark side then?" and I replied "converting to it more like!" – I guess it depends on who you ask! 😉

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