Campaign to make “misconfigured” a real word

I am just writing my speech for IPexpo in a couple of weeks and PowerPoint is giving me the red squiggly line under the word "misconfigured". I want to use the phrase "misconfigured servers can also have a major impact" but it seems that the word "misconfigured" does not appear in the dictionary.
A quick Google reveals loads of people using it, and some people saying it appears in the 2003 Oxford English Dictionary, but a quick glance in some on-line dictionaries and even a paper one here (Shock! Horror! You mean an old fashioned book type thing?) reveals no trace of the word.
So I guess this is a case of a widely used word being used in the real world but for some reason the dictionaries haven’t caught up with us yet! A simple solution… right click, "Add to dictionary" – red squiggly line gone. 🙂
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