Conservatory floor

Progress with the conservatory has been slow of late. We’ve been away most weekends or just been too busy to do anything, but we have finally got the floor laid! I was hoping to get the dining room painted before they put the floor down but didn’t have time in the end so will have to be careful I don’t get paint everywhere.
The floor is made up of PVC-type tiles (it’s by Camaro, similar to Karndean but a little bit cheaper) separated by a small "design strip" to mimic the grouting. The idea is to make it look like a stone floor, but not be as cold – in fact you can walk on this in bare feet and it’s not cold at all – we’re both really happy with how it’s turned out.
Next step is to rub down the walls and paint them, then we should be able to get Rainbow back to put in the skirting. You’ll notice the radiators are in now and kick out loads of heat so it gets nice and warm when the heating’s on.
The photo’s show the smooth screed that was put down first, then the finished floor…
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