Hadrian’s Wall

Well, we finally got back after a 7 hour drive from Cumbria. Spent most of the weekend walking around the countryside near Hadrian’s Wall and visiting one of Lenny’s friends, Sally, who runs a sheep farm just north of the wall near Haltwhistle. We stayed in a B&B in Greenhead and got locked out Saturday night because we were too late coming back from Sally’s (it was only 11.20pm for God’s sake). Fortunately one of her friends sacrificed a bed for us for the night – thank’s Trudy you’re a star! 🙂
On Saturday we were out walking for 6 hours and must have covered about 10 miles walking out in the middle of no-where with not another human to be seen in some places. It was relatively easy going though and didn’t present too many challenges. The scenery was just spectacular and we both really enjoyed it, apart from right at the end when Lenny tripped and twisted her ankle.
Sunday was a different kettle of fish though! We did a walk around the land at the back of Sally’s farm for a few hours, which was really tough as it’s very boggy, peat-rich and the grass was very long (I think they call it "millenia" or something), so you would put your foot down only for it to sink into the peat and water would come flooding over the top of your boots! Add to that crossing a river, yomping up and down steep gradients and jumping over numerous brooks and streams and it certainly got you hot and sweaty – it was very hard work. Lenny’s ankle was playing up so we had to cut short our walk on Sunday as she was in too much pain, but hopefully she will be fine for Machu Picchu at the end of the month.
Apart from getting a wet left foot a couple of times where I lost my footing I was very impressed with my boots. No blisters or discomfort and my right boot kept all the water out, so I think I should be able to wear them all the time while trekking Machu Picchu – it’s only 3 weeks to go so this was a great trial for them.
Sally also introduced us to her two collie sheepdogs, Skip and Ted. We took them out for a run around on Sunday morning as they needed to burn off some energy, so Sally found some sheep and we had a bit of fun with them. Sally was saying that Ted needs a bit more work to make him a really useful sheepdog but to my untrained eye they were both brilliant at driving the sheep in Lenny’s direction and it was great fun being out with them – not something I will forget in a hurry.
I’ve created a new album and uploaded some pics – feel free to have a peek.
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