Hadrian’s Wall this weekend

Off to see a friend of Lenny’s this weekend. She lives on a farm up near Carlisle and Hadrian’s Wall so quite looking forward to it, although we are driving and it’s a bloody long way from here. 😦 But we are hoping to do some nice long walks to help break in my boots and get me used to walking.
We’ve been doing a bit recently around the forests near where we live, all of this to try and get our bodies prepared for the shock of trekking the Inca Trail. It’s not long now, August 30th we fly out to Lima in Peru, then to Cusco to a few days to acclimatise, then finally we trek for 4 days to Machu Picchu.
This is the most adventurous holiday I’ve ever been on so I am both looking forward it and quite nervous about it all at the same time. The main issue being that it’s over 4km above see level (what’s that, about 12,000ft?) and many people suffer from altitude sickness. A lot of the trekking is walking up and down thousands of steps – and I get out of breath just walking up 4 flights of stairs at work!
Holy crap, what have I let myself in for? 🙂
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