RedHat training

I have just finished the RHCT (RedHat Certified Technician) exam as part of the RH133 RedHat System Administration Course I’ve been on all week at RedHat’s facility in Farnborough.

Being a nerd, I really enjoyed the course. Yesterday I was basically presented with various broken systems and had to fix them, which i really enjoyed as I had to use my troubleshooting skills to work out what was wrong. Today I was stumped by one particular part of the exam (which I don’t think I can mention as RedHat forced me to sign an NDA before taking the exam) but I managed to do the rest of it so I reckon I’ve passed – I won’t know what my score is until next week some time.

This has been the first exam I’ve taken in years and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

I’ve always been impressed by Linux, and while RedHat may not be the most cutting edge version out there, many organisations are deploying it due to the fact that they can get support for it. Novell may be doing the same thing with SuSE, but the impression I get is that they are playing catch-up. Technically it may be better, but in my experience RedHat is being deployed much more widely than SuSE.

I’d be really interested to hear of any corporates that have deployed RedHat on the desktop, as I tend to come across it mainly in the data centres. With stuff like OpenOffice and Evolution being supplied for free, I’m sure it could give Microsoft a run for it’s money, for those brave enough to deploy it.

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