Crash aftermath pt2

We found out today that the insurance company have inspected Lenny’s car and have written it off. 😦

Not a great surprise to be honest, with all the parts and labour required to get it back up to scratch it wouldn’t have been worth it, and the car would never have been the same (and would have been a nightmare to sell on).

I told Lenny not to accept their first offer, we had already had a look around on Autotrader so new what a reasonable offer would be. Fortunately this tactic worked as they offered £700 below what we wanted! Lenny stuck to her guns and managed to get them to increase their offer to pretty much bang on what we wanted, so that was a good result.

So now we can start looking for a new car, but Lenny is happy just to get the same again, although trying to find something of the same spec is proving quite hard at the moment judging by what’s available on Autotrader. We shall see!

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