Crash Aftermath Pt1

Both a little sore today, my shoulder aches a bit from the seat belt, Lenny has similar aches, hopefully they’ll go away after a couple of days. We should find out whether the car’s written off in the next few days. I would expect it will be as it’ll need a new dash, new airbags, seat belt tensioners, triggering mechanism, front wings, bonnet, bumper, radiator, suspension etc. No idea what the chassis is like, but the car will be worthless if repaired as no-one will want to buy it unless it’s very cheap.

Took my mind off it a bit today by starting to paint the conservatory, although I’ve found a leak which I need to look into. This evening we went and saw Shrek 3 to lighten the mood and met some friends for a curry. I just wish it would stop raining so I can get out and mow the lawn – it seems to be raining permanently at the moment, but at least we’re not flooded out like those poor people up in Yorkshire.

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