Just been in a car crash!

A bit in shock at the moment, just been in a car crash, Lenny was driving, we’re both okay, a young woman (18) pulled out of a side road literally 10-15 yards in front of us and we hit her at about 45mph. We pushed her drivers door in pretty badly, then hit the on-coming car too. Fortunately the on-coming driver was okay and the young lady just had cuts and bruises, but had to be taken to hospital for a check-up as she was quite badly shaken. The ambulance crew said she was very lucky she didn’t break her leg, which is what normally happens in a side impact apparently. She was only in a elderly Fiat Uno so it’s not like she had any impact protection, she could have easily suffered a lacerated artery but thankfully I don’t think she was too bad.

Thank God for air bags and crumple zones though! The front of Lenny’s Peugeot is completely stoved in, but we were fine in the cabin.

It’s almost surreal now, my mind keeps replaying it, we were just chatting as Lenny was driving, I remember seeing the car pull out and stopped talking, I don’t know if I said anything but I pulled my arms up in a cross in front of my face and BANG! Both airbags went off, I got a slightly bloody nose, I think from the airbag pushing my arm into my face. I remember opening my eyes and seeing the carnage around us, there was some smoke in the car and then there were a couple of seconds where time just stopped. I think Lenny was worried the car was going to set on fire, there was a strange smell and she said "Get out of the car". I got the door open and managed to get out okay, in retrospect I think the smell and the smoke were from the airbags and seatbelt tensioners (which have something like a shotgun cartridge in them to fire them).

Dialing 999 I was panting on the phone, I think the adrenaline rush was kicking in, but I couldn’t believe how out of breath I was. I didn’t really have much of an idea where we were but because we got diverted earlier due to a fallen tree, it meant we went a different route and I took more notice of the road signs.

Spookily I had had a weird feeling that something was not quite right earlier in the evening. Lenny was supposed to drop me off at the station in Mortimer and for some reason I had wondered if there were any traffic hold-ups. There aren’t normally so it was strange I thought that – sure enough, when we got to Mortimer the road was closed by a fire engine due to the fallen tree, then we got diverted, Lenny said she’d take me into Reading and then we had the crash. It’s almost like there was an omen trying to stop me getting into town tonight, but it’s really weird how I had that thought earlier that something wasn’t quite right.

Anyway, apart from being a bit shaken up we’re okay, but I expect tomorrow we’ll feel a bit sore.

Top marks to the emergency services though – I got through to 999 instantly, and the ambulance turned up after about 10 mins, which considering we were in the middle of nowhere was pretty good I thought. The police were cool too, they took everyone’s details, did an assessment and sussed out who’s fault it was and everything. Now they are going to do the poor girl for driving without due care and attention, and as she’s only 18 she’ll probably get 6 points and have to retake her test. Feel a bit sorry for her really.
Took some pics, Lenny’s poor car is looking a bit sad. 😦
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