Muse @ Wembley

Well Muse were amazing again and Wembley itself is pretty darn impressive, although I thought the acoustics were awful with lots of echoing going on. I must admit the sound was much better at the IoW festival, and they did a very similar stage show, but it was still good. Getting there and back was a bit of a pain though. Wembley is advertised as a "public service destination" but it’s bloody awful! Delays on the trains at Reading meant we had to catch a slow one into Paddington which took over an hour, and on the way back it took over 1hr 20 mins. Also when Wembley empties, everyone ends up on the concourse outside with no room to move and very few signs to tell you where the exit is. I finally got back at 2am, but Graham didn’t get home until nearer 3am!
Anyway here’s some pics I took on my phone, some are a bit blurred but you should get an idea of the size of Wembley and number of people there…
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