Conservatory Build – Day 12

The plasterer was here today, so he’s made a good start. He reckons he’ll be finished tomorrow morning as he just needs to put a second coat on some of the walls. The TV guy came and put in a TV point for me that will connect up to the aerial in the attic.
There’s been a right cock-up with the radiator and it’s all my fault. I’ve decided to put two rads in now as speaking to a few people I wasn’t sure that one would be enough, but no-one has got the right size in stock. So I’ve had to order them off t’internet but they won’t turn up until next week now. So the plumber is coming tomorrow and will put the pipes in hopefully the right distance apart so that I can fit the rads myself next week. I just need to pop up to B&Q now and get some TRV’s and lockshield valves so that they can close off the pipes – this means I won’t have to drain down the system again when I fit the rads.
In these pics you can see that I pulled the carpet up so that we can work out what level to screed the floor too. As you can see I have a lovely parquet floor there which will all come up when I put the flooring down. Seems a shame really as that would cost thousands to put down today, but I just don’t like it. It’s too dark and 70’s for me…
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