Conservatory Build – Day 11

Had a quick visit from Rainbow today to remove the back window and door, so it is all totally open plan now. I am surprised that despite quite a bit of sunshine today it is very cool in the conservatory, but you do have to squint because of the glare. I had a guy round to quote me for some blinds, and we also saw someone about a floor.

I must admit, now the back window and door are gone, I’m not sure what to do about the remaining pillar – I could take it out, but it’s load bearing so I would need to put in a new lintel that goes all the way along. It looks a bit daft, so I could maybe brick up the door, but then we would lose some light in the dining room, or maybe half brick it up and put a window in. They are coming to plaster everything on Monday so I’ll need to make my mind up quick!

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