Conservatory Build – Day 10

Had an army of people around today and I spent a fair amount of time just making cups of tea for them all.
The window sills have been fitted now, and holes have been drilled for the uplighters I am having. The guys have never seen this before, but when I get blinds put in I am expecting the uplighters to create a nice glow against them, so they are quite keen to see what it looks like when finished. The uplighters along with two ridge lights will be dimmable, and there are enough sockets for some table lamps, so I should be able to light the conservatory in a variety of different ways.
A couple more roof panels have been fitted but there are still two missing. They are manufactured in Wales apparently and they’ve had some problems, so the guys have put in two temporary boards for now. Hopefully they’ll turn up Monday.
I’m panicking now about the radiator – I think the one I’ve ordered may be too small, so I’ll be making some calls on Monday to try and change that. I think I’ll actually put in a second rad too, I’d rather it were too hot than too cold!
Also Bob the fence man turned up with his people and finally put up the fence I have been procrastinating about for years. I can’t believe how different my garden now looks, it looks like something out of Ground Force. In fact there were so many people here at one point it felt like Ground Force! 🙂
The window and back door should be coming out tomorrow leaving everything open plan…
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