Disillusioned with Vista

I am becoming more and more disillusioned with Vista, so much so that I am almost thinking about downgrading back to XP.
When I installed Vista I put it on a new machine, so I still have my old one. These are some of the niggles I am having:
1) DVD playback doesn’t work. Vista Business doesn’t have a DVD codec so Microsoft want you to "upgrade" to the Ultimate edition. Bugger that, I’ve downloaded VLC, but it’s not the same. Also having problems with BBC video streams, always have to open them in a standalone player for them to work. Why did Microsoft cripple Vista with so many different versions?
2) EAX not supported in Creative sound cards anymore so I can’t get surround sound in CoD2. 😦 I know there’s the Alchemy project, but my card (an Audigy 4) isn’t supported by that (yet). Grrr.
3) My old XP PC, a P4 2.8GHz, actually boots faster than my Vista PC, which is a dual-core E6600, with DDR2 and SATA etc. For God’s sake this is unbelievable.
4) MSN Live spaces (what you are reading now) isn’t fully compatible with Vista. Can you believe it? Try using the photo upload tool to upload pictures to your blog. Works fine on XP, not on Vista!
5) Still finding stuff that doesn’t work or isn’t supported, for instance I wanted to use Channel 4’s On-Demand service (4oD) but it’s not supported on Vista, so I have to run that on my old XP PC.
6) The memory card reader on my HP printer doesn’t work on Vista but works fine on XP, so I have to transfer all the photo’s off my SD card from the XP PC.
So basically I am now having to use 2 PC’s to do the same stuff I did with just the one, mainly to work around the aggro I am having with Vista. So it looks like a downgrade is on the cards, which is a pretty poor showing really. When XP came out I don’t remember downgrading back to Windows 2000 – everything just worked. So what’s going on with Vista? 😦
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