Converting 3gp video files

Ok, so I have some video clips on my phone which are in 3gp format, how am I supposed to publish these on my blog?
Windows can’t seem to play 3gp files by default, it seems you either have to download Quicktime or download some grubby bit of software a spotty oik has written in his bedroom.
And then when you can actually play it, MSN Spaces can’t do anything with. They actually want it in flash format (.SWF), so it has to be converted. But try finding a convertor that actually works! I’ve tried 3 now and none of them did the job, most just stopping with an error of some sort or just not doing anything.
What is the point of using a file format that no-one can use? I’ve been in this game for years now, am I missing something simple or am I just getting too old to understand?
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One Response to Converting 3gp video files

  1. Paul says:

    Hehe, what I doofus! I\’ve just re-read this, of course it is so simple, you just upload the 3gp into youtube then cut and paste the link into the "add video" dialogue on MSN. A doddle! 🙂

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