Cream crackered!

Another busy weekend over and I am shattered! Had to work yesterday for about 4 hours then went into Reading in the evening for a friends birthday booze-up. Got to bed at 4am this morning!

Up at 8.30am to meet someone about some fencing I want doing, then my mate Graham turned up to help me do the coving on the landing upstairs. I’ve never done it before so asked for his help as he had bragged in the past about his coving abilities! Finally finished tonight at 8.30 just as it was starting to get dark but it’s looking good. The strips of coving went up without too much hassle but because I’ve got full height door frames up to the ceiling it means the coving has to start and stop with little end bits that cap the strips off. These end bits were really fiddly to cut and fit and must have taken the best part of 4 hours to sort out. What a nightmare!

Oh yeah, during an ebay session on Friday night I purchased an Acer Idea 500 Media Centre PC. Always fancied having a play with one so I bought one. Picking it up tomorrow as I’m working near Bristol most of this week and that’s where the guy lives. So I’ll be having fun and games with that soon. Here’s a pic so you can see what it looks like:

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