Shocked and saddened

I find the events of the last couple of days truly shocking, worrying and very very saddening.
Some nutcase goes mad in the US killing over 30 people and I hear on the radio that some people in the US are calling for less restrictions on gun control in the belief that people will be better able to defend themselves. Absolutely crazy.
And today I read that over 140 innocent Iraqi’s have been killed in a single car bomb attack in a food market, with over 200 people killed in total in a single day due to other attacks.
The Shia’s and Sunni’s are so intent on killing each, maybe we would be better off just leaving them to it? There will be one hell of a mess at the end of it all though, and no doubt it will drive the price of oil up through the roof, which is probably the only reason the US insists on maintaining a presence.
If the US lose control of the situation it will have a massive impact on the global economy – some would say they’ve already lost control, but I reckon things could get much much worse if/when the US and our boys finally pull out. Iraq will de-generate into a bloody civil war that could de-stabilise the whole region and push the price of oil up to God knows what! 😦
So it looks like the US will stay involved for a while yet if only to maintain the oil price at a manageable level.
What a truly sad day.
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