Great TV

Well like a typical nerd, I am sat here on the couch in my lounge doing this on my laptop – I have actually been trying to do some work but it’s been impossible as there’s been so much great TV on tonight.
First we had the Gadget Show with Jason Bradbury getting very excited over his 2.5 grand PC he’s bought (reminds me of the PC I built just a couple of months ago), then there was a Tonight programme all about credit card fraud and then finally we had Heroes on the Sci-Fi channel, which I reckon is one of the best things on TV at the moment (and I can see why it’s hammering 24 in the ratings stateside). It’s about a bunch of people who for some strange reason have started developing super-human powers. One guy can paint the future, but only when he’s high. Another can fly, a girl seems able to heal herself after suffering the most horrific injuries, another can hear peoples thoughts, you get the general idea!
I think my favourite character has got to be "Hiro" – the Japanese guy who can bend space and time. I’ve always been fascinated by time travel and the kinds of paradoxes you can cause by making changes to the past, but this show is dealing with it in a fascinating way as the guy has to learn how to use his new-found powers. Along with all the other characters who are slowly discovering their powers, the series gripped me right from the start. It’s coming to terrestial TV later in the year so make sure you watch it!
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