ICANN rejects rude TLD again!

I see that ICANN have again rejected a proposal for a .XXX top-level domain. This has been going on for years, and I hear people with kids banging on about how good it would be if all porn sites were registered under .XXX so that you could filter them, but that’s precisely why it won’t work! If you want people to come to your site you will not register it under a top-level domain that can be easily blocked, so you will use underhand tactics to get people onto your site.

Also, who defines what is porn and what isn’t? You won’t be able to force companies to register their dodgy sites under .XXX because different countries have different laws and even people have their own perceptions about what is offensive and what isn’t. What about pictures of Venus or David, or renaissance art in general with all it’s nudity? These are beautiful works of art, yet some religions may view these as pornographic. Would websites displaying these pictures have to be registered under .XXX? Who’s going to decide and police this? If it’s not going to be mandatory, then what’s the point? Porn sites will continue as normal and no amount of .XXX blocking will solve the problem.

I do believe that children should be able to surf the net safely without stumbling across grot like http://www.xnxx.com (don’t go there if easily offended), but I don’t think that implementing a .XXX top level domain is the solution.

(Note: Even MSN won’t let me use .XXX in the title of this article!)

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