XML, Perl, MRTG, wibble wibble wibble

Busy day today, feels like my brain is going to melt!
Had to start using XML in anger today, the Address Allocator portion of VitalQIP 7 uses it in a big way for the CLI’s, so I wanted to write a Perl script that generated the XML code to define a bunch of IP address pools (as it’s quite repetitive doing it in the GUI, and I’ll need to automate this for a customer implementation in a few weeks time anyway). The script is done now but it won’t run because my system doesn’t have the XML::Writer module installed, so I’ll have to grab that off CPAN and install it. There seem to be quite a few XML modules for Perl, so I’m just starting with this one which seems pretty simple as I’m finding XML a bit bewildering at the moment! 🙂 In principle it seems pretty simple, but then you comes across modules such as DOM, Twig, PYX, SAX, XSLT, yada yada yada… Christ! 😮
Then I got involved in discussions about monitoring some DNS servers at a customer site, and someone suggested MRTG, so I’ve downloaded it, but to get it to compile I also had to get gd and libpng. So they’re built now and everything’s ready, but the MRTG config files are a bit bewildering. I know there’s the cfgmaker program, but now I’ve remembed the system I am building this on is firewalled off from the rest of our network so it can’t SNMP query anything anyway. So now I’ll probably need to rebuild it on one of my RedHat or Solaris systems so I can run it against various devices on our network. Then figure out the OID to use to query the DNS servers, and configure the graphs and page formatting. Could really do with a bit more time to figure all this out.
Meanwhile my to-do list gets longer and longer…
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2 Responses to XML, Perl, MRTG, wibble wibble wibble

  1. Graham says:

    just be glad you not working with qip 6.0sp1 and nt4.0 DNS servers! I feel like I\’ve gone through a time warp

  2. Paul says:

    Hehe, it\’ll all be worth it when you pick up that nice fat tax free pay cheque though eh? 🙂

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