It’s a fair cop!

Well I’m buggered, I actually managed to get tickets for The Police’s London gig on 8th September. It sold out in an hour! But I was in such a tizz that I forgot we are going to be on our Machu Picchu holiday then! Doh! So now I’ve got two tickets I can’t use, and Ticketmaster don’t accept refunds!
They have a new feature on their site called "TicketExchange" which allows you to sell your tickets via Ticketmaster (they basically cancel your old tickets and send out new ones to the buyer), but they haven’t said whether they will switch this feature on for The Police gigs – fingers crossed they will. I don’t want to make any money, just recoup my costs. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sell them on ebay as I’ll probably be on holiday when the tickets turn up, so they’ll sit uncollected, waiting in the post office. I guess it depends when they send the tickets out, if they send them out far enough in advance then I may be able to sell them before going on holiday, we’ll see.
Anyway, we still want to see them, so then I went on the hunt for more tickets and got some from seetickets for the Cardiff gig on 19th October. I must admit, although the seetickets web site kept saying it was busy, I was quite impressed with ticketmaster – they’ve made some changes now so rather than the web site just saying it is too busy, now you end up in a queue and the page regularly reloads and tells you how many minutes approx. are left until you get through. Pretty cool way of doing it I thought.
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