Cybersquatting the World Cup

Here’s a good one for you nerds out there. While researching for a training course I am writing on DNS I found that all the world cup DNS domains up until at least 2106 have already been registered by various individuals, i.e.,, etc. There’s probably more actually, but I got bored checking!
I can only suppose the purpose of this is so that said individuals can pass these domains onto footballing organisations (such as FIFA) nearer the time for a hefty premium, but really, in 2106, let’s face up to reality, 1) You’ll be dead and won’t benefit, 2) The planet will be so choked with greenhouse gases that football will be the last thing on our minds, 3) The cost of re-registering the same domain for the next century to stop it expiring may end up costing more than it’s worth and 4) The human race will probably be extinct by then anyway!
So this is yet another example of greedy individuals trying to make a quick buck by buying up something they don’t really want in the hope that someone will pay more for it later.
I got my Take That tickets in the end, yes on ebay, yes I did pay a premium so the greedy bastard made some money out of me, yes I am pissed off about the whole thing. 😦
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