Damnit! It’s just not fair!

My wife is an avid Take That fan. She is besotted with Gary Barlow and would probably faint if she ever met him. So as a treat, when they reformed I took her to see them up in Manchester last year, and I have to admit, they put on a damn good show. So when I heard on the radio the other day that tickets for their next tour were going on sale this morning, the wife was ecstatic!
But try as I did, neither myself, my wife nor any of her friends could get any tickets. All the main ticketing web sites were "too busy to process your request". When I did finally manage to get in after a couple of hours, all the tickets were sold.
This happens everytime a new tour by a popular band is announced, there is always a mad rush and the agencies web sites can’t cope. It’s so unfair, there’s got to be a better way. Now, with barely 9 hours gone since the tickets went on sale, click on this ebay link and you will see over 2000 auctions (at time of posting) for Take That tickets, some going for over £7000 a pair!!! What a sick joke.
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