Outlook frustrations!

I must be getting old. I am finding more and more things to do with IT that annoy me. I use Outlook for my day to day email and scheduling and it syncs up great with my IPAQ, but since changing from a Dell to IBM laptop recently, I am finding that Outlook doesn’t always exit when you close it down. It stays running in the system tray, but more annoyingly it is keeping my outlook.pst file locked meaning I can’t back it up to the network.
A quick hunt around the net revealed this useful list of software that could be causing the problem: http://www.slipstick.com/problems/close.htm. As expected, ActiveSync appears on this list, but most people seem to get around the problem by installing additional bits of software just to shut down Outlook when they exit. This is crazy – I don’t want to have to install additional software just to fix a stupid problem like this!
I will continue to search for a more elegant solution and will post an update here when I have a better solution.
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