Need a holiday

Well I made it back from Norway and the weekend is here – yippee! Saturday we are going to London for a day out. We are staying at the Cumberland near Marble Arch, and it’s had some great reviews so fingers crossed it will be fab.
On Monday & Tuesday I have to visit a customer in Staines. I always thought that was such an attractive name for a town. 😉 Wednesday I’ll be seeing a prospect in London, then it’ll be back to the office on Thursday and Friday for various jobs, so another busy week ahead.
Anyway, after uploading some pics into my album, everytime I come here now I see pictures of me and the missus on holiday in Kenya and Vegas and all I want to do is run away. Especially as I’ve spent the whole afternoon today battling with Apache Tomcat configuration files – how utterly frustrating and unsatisfying that is. Could they make it any more complicated – please? It sucks big time.
So this reminds me, I must start planning a holiday. We are thinking of doing Machu Picchu later on this year. Finger’s crossed, maybe I’ll write about it here.
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