Do not install Call of Duty 2!

Hmmm, a blog eh? Well we’ll see if I can put anything useful in here over time.
The first piece of advice I can give you is if you have a high-spec notebook, DO NOT INSTALL Call of Duty 2! It is absolutely bloody fantastic! It runs like a dream on my IBM T60p, and it’s great for passing the time when away on business in some god-foresaken hotel (such as the one I am in at the moment in Norway), but you will never get a good night’s sleep, as you’ll be up until 3am playing multi-player COD in Caen or Carentan or some other WW2 theatre of war! So you will be knackered the next day, and it is for this reason that I suggest you do not install it. Of course I can’t quite bring myself to uninstall it, it’s just too good at killing time when away from home. 😉
I heard a rumour that Call of Duty 3 will not be produced for PC – surely this can’t be true?
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